Tatto Waves Goodbye to Right Media


exit.jpgADOTAS – Another network is flying the Right Media coop and plans to reach out to its publishers without an intermediary.

In a letter to Right Media publishers Tonya Smith, network manager for Tatto Media, announced that the behavioral ad network will no longer buy a seat on the exchange.

“I have enjoyed working with all of you over the past six months, but as a company [the Right Media exchange] is no longer in our best interest here at Tatto,” Smith wrote, noting that the decision was a sudden one.

Instead, Smith suggested that Tatto would directly connect with publishers that had been running profitable campaigns.

Tatto’s exit follows Yahoo!’s decision to rebrand the Right Media exchange as a premium exchange and terminate the Direct Media Exchange for smaller publishers. Other networks left out in the cold, such as CPX Interactive, have seen the bright side of the shutdown — the opportunity to work with small and medium-size publishers directly.


  1. Aqua Media Direct is leaving Right Media also to focus entirely on our premium offerings with 1700 transparent sites, worldwide market depth, and a closed, safe, display ad environment for major brands. We now use ADTECH Helios IQ for our main server.

  2. Yeah — Tatto, the teeth-whitening, hair-loss, ringtone, and all-scam network, is the one saying goodbye. I’m sure that was the order of operations…

    You can’t fire me, I quit!

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