Sometrics Gives Virtual Currency Back for Online Purchases


shopping_smallADOTAS – The ethics surrounding virtual goods and currency have been murky at best — accusations of scamming have plagued the growing sector in recent months. In time for the holidays, Sometrics has introduced an initiative that won’t wig out wary gamers as it’s already familiar to many credit card users: cash back for purchases. In this case, though, it’s virtual cash.

Sometric’s Shop & Earn Shopping Feed gives gamers virtual currency when they make online purchases at participating brand-name retailers. Simply by clicking through the shopping feed, consumers can see their virtual piggy banks swell when they make real purchases.

The company ensures the transactions are safe and allows consumers to return to the same retailer for more currency via more purchases.

“This is a loyalty program that taps into a method consumers are already comfortable with –- earning points or virtual currency for purchases they would make anyway at their favorite stores,” said Ian Swanson, co-founder and CEO of Sometrics. “It’s a great way to start monetizing gamer users who don’t want to pay to play.”

It would certainly seem to be a less fishy way than some of the other virtual currency practices out there….


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