Social Network Suicide Is Painless


noose.jpgADOTAS – Though “Futurama” had a nice macabre spin on it (“Slow and horrible — good choice!”), I think the first time I ever heard the idea of an “ethical suicide parlor” was in the Kurt Vonnegut short story “Welcome to the Monkey House.” The government’s two-fold plan to deal with overpopulation included mandating birth control pills that made intercourse no fun and encouraging citizens to solicit purple-roofed suicide huts.

With Facebook at 350 million members, it seems pretty obvious that we need to thin the social network herd. Hence Moddr has introduced the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine (the logo is pink, not purple), which allows you to painlessly shuffle off this virtual coil, with the tag line “Sign out forever!”

Watch your social media life flash before your eyes as one by one your connections are removed. “Look, there are so many people you actually didn’t care about!” the narrator exclaims in the how-to video. “My Internet life is dying, but my real life is starting.”

There is no coming back from the other side, but the advertising is slightly misleading. On Facebook, in particular, the program gets rid of all your friends and relegates you to the “Social Network Suiciders” group (321 members and counting!). You even get to leave a note! (I wonder if any “Heathers” fans just wrote “eskimo.”) But your account is technically still there… Kind of like a tombstone I guess.

web 2.0 suicide machine promotion from moddr_ on Vimeo.


  1. Who would give so much control to a software package? Automatically changes your password? Where is this person’s self control? The video is really offensive- “online makes you stupid”.

  2. A better solution of an app that nukes your Facebook account is to make it downloadable. You hit the icon, you feed in the name and password, and sit back and watch as it deletes everything.


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