ScanScout’s Pre-Roll Is Super, Thanks for Asking


video_small.jpgADOTAS – Seconds — that’s all a pre-roll video ad has to engage a viewer. His/her chances of paying attention the whole way through slip by with each tick of the clock. How do you suck them into your brand in such a fleeting moment?

You give them something to do. Something to click.

At least that’s what worked for ScanScout. The network’s Super Pre-Roll video ads offer interactive elements (shiny stuff). For example, in a recent campaign for Vaseline, a survey playing off of the ad’s visual theme lets you know what percentage of respondents also look for a silky smooth feeling in a moisturizer (24%, apparently).

People do love to pick up… I mean, click on shiny stuff — Super Pre-Roll Ads on the network had a click-through rate 350% higher than plain ol’ pre-roll ads.


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