NYC Not Up to Speed for iPhones?


Iphone facebookADOTAS – New York City just isn’t ready for iPhones.

So said a customer service rep to Consumerist write Laura Nothrup when she was investigating a claim from a reader that it wasn’t possible to buy an iPhone from the AT&T website if you’ve got a New York City zip code — Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, all cut off.

However, the service rep’s answer made it sound more likely that AT&T isn’t ready for New York City, as she admitted that there were not enough towers in the area to support coverage. That’s not a shocker to all the New Yorkers who get bit in the ass by the carrier’s lacking capacity.

Writers at TechCrunch and DigitaDaily had similar experiences with customer reps. However, Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch found that you can still buy an iPhone at an AT&T store in New York or at the Apple store or website.

“We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels,” is the non-answer from AT&T’s PR department. Reports about increased fraudulent activity have also circulated, but no details are emerging.

It’s another black mark for AT&T, already heavily lamented in NYC for its lackluster iPhone coverage. Considering how many iPhones you see on the street in the hands of business people walking around Manhattan, you’d think the company would be fast correcting its capacity issues, not cutting off potential buyers.


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