MTV Networks Consolidates Digital Sales Team, But Plans to Hire


astromtv.jpgADOTAS – Separately they are nothing, but together they form the ultimate digital sales team! They will rule digital music advertising — or what’s left of it….

Kevin Arrix, EVP of digital advertising sales for MTV Networks, told ClickZ that MTV Networks will condense its digital sales teams for, MTV and VHI into one fantastic unit. Arrix, whose position was bumped up from SVP of digital ad sales on Monday, said this is part of strategic makeover that’s still in the works.

“The consolidation makes our Music group more efficient, but it primarily makes us easier to work with and a bigger entity at almost 20 million uniques,” Arrix said to ClickZ.

What I found most interesting about this announcement was that Arrix said plans are in place to hire more people in 2010. As ad exchanges and automation increase their reach across the online ad space, the whispers I was hearing suggested 2010 would see the shearing of publisher sales team. Is Arrix overly optimistic or is MTVN getting left far behind?

Then again, I haven’t found MTV very revolutionary since they flew Howard Stern’s ass across a crowded theater — that more revolved my stomach than anything else.


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