Mobile Voice Searchers Demand Videos


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Michael Jackson lived on as king of the most-searched online terms this year, but it seems mobile users of voice search had less stars in their eyes — they wanted videos.

Vlingo, a startup that builds mobile voice apps used by 3 million people on myriad devices, reported that the most-searched term by voice was YouTube. In addition, the app-maker found that actionable terms such as weather, white pages, yellow pages and craigslist were in the top 10 mobile voice searches.

But higher on the list were Facebook and MySpace, suggesting that people have to remain connected to their virtual social networks even when out and about in reality — possibly with their actual social networks…

Top 10 Mobile Voice Searches for 2009 1. YouTube
2. Facebook
3. MySpace
4. Weather
5. Movie Times
6. Twitter
7. Yellow Pages
8. MapQuest
9. craigslist
10. White Pages


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