It’s the Appiest Time of the Year


app.jpgADOTAS – Christmas Day in Louisville, Ky., I smirked while watching four of my cousins (ranging in age from 16 to 26) glued to their iPhones, typing, surfing, downloading, apping — whatever can be done, they were ignoring seldom-seen relatives for the warm glow of the touch screen.

Occasional bits of chatter were exchanged between the tech-enraptured: “Check out this ringtone!” “You gotta download this app!” “This is so cool!”

“Congratulations on raising a family of iPhone zombies,” I remarked to my aunt and their mother.

She snorted. “Give them a break — they just got those this morning.”

I doubt my cousins were the only ones to find new Apple toys under the tree (or beside the menorah) this year, especially considering that the Apple App Store witnessed a 51% increase in downloads from November to December, according to mobile app analytics company Flurry. That’s an impressive bump considering that October to November had only a 15% hike in downloads.

But my cousins seemed to be the exception when it came to the product Santa brought down the chimney: iPod Touch download volume saw a nearly 1,000% jump in downloads on Christmas Day, leaping past iPhone downloads.

Google Android users weren’t left out of the ap merriment — the Android Market witnessed a 20% increase in app sales, with 49% of the credit going to the Motorola Droid. Downloads from the market increased 22% from November to December, according to Flurry.


  1. I have seen family and friends tell me about everything from bouncedown to yelp to chorus. So far the best application i have used is the virtual maps for shopping malls in the app fastmall. It just launched recently and is an incredible platform with turn by turn guidance inside some of americas largest shopping malls. They just sent out a notification that they have added Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Metropolis at Metrotown in Canada. It is a must have app for sure!

    I also really like facebook, appolicious and yelp.


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