gWallet Measures Value on a Lifetime Basis


gamer11.jpgADOTAS – While we’re summing up 2009 into neat little soundbites, we’d be remiss not to mention that this was the year that offer marketing, especially related to social gaming, felt the harsh eye of public scrutiny.

Former Offerpal CEO Anu Shukla’s poor decision to pick a fight with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington led to a nasty expose, which became the catalyst for social gaming and social media monetization platforms to furiously scrub away anything remotely scummy.

But offer marketing and social gaming are likely to remain fast friends in 2010 (Dammit, I ain’t gonna pay real dough for a virtual cow on FarmVille!), but transparency is the new theme. In line with that, social media monetization platform gWallet has introduced its new metric gLTV, which it claims will assist publishers in measuring their yields accurately.

The metric du jour is lifetime value, which analyzes the cumulative value month after month of a user based on prior usage and transaction history, and in general the value offers are creating in a social publisher’s monetization scheme. gLTV will also give publishers a peek inside how gWallet is selecting offers for revenue optimization.


  1. Not a big deal at all. The other offer companies collect the exact same information as gWallet and can do the exact same analysis.

  2. Other companies have far more robust analytics – and are still only marginally useful.This is not at all new or newsworthy – these folks are so late to the offer party and nothing new or different…


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