Google-Facebook Social Rivalry Heats Up


fight_small.jpgADOTAS – As they vie for position as the most important tool on the Internet, a social media rivalry may be flaring up between Google and Facebook.

Today Google announced that its Friend Connect service, which allows users to quickly register for sites and services that require logins, has integrated with Twitter. Tweeters will be able to use their Twitter logins to register on Friend Connect sites. Tweets can be released with a single click and comments left on a site can automatically be shot to Twitter.

Only a day before, Yahoo! announced that it is deeply integrating Facebook Connect, Friend Connect’s competition, into its whole network, building a bridge between the two communities. Users will be able to share content from Yahoo! including ratings, photos and article comments while seeing their Facebook friends’ activities via their Yahoo! home pages.

An interesting side note is that in 2008 Yahoo! announced it would offer similar social media networking internally. Now it appears outsourcing is its modus operandi — soon it won’t even run it’s own search engine.


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