Facebook Selects the Chosen Developers


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – If Facebook is the new king of the Internet, should we call its preferred developers “Knights of Social Media”?

A mighty 14 developers — including Buddy Media, ArchRival and Vitrue — have been selected as the initial members of the Preferred Developer Consultant directory, which is like the coolest club ever. Facebook has set up this register to assist brands, celebrities and companies who want a neat-o page with polls and widgets and such

“We hope that by providing a directory of companies who have a history of creating flagship applications, we will help you get started, employ best practices, and enhance existing experiences.,” said Kristin Thayer on the Facebook Developers blog.

At the bottom of list it mentions that being included in the Preferred Developer Consultant program does not mean these developers are endorsed by Facebook, but… Wait a second — what else could it mean?


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