Etsy’s New Ad Platform Isn’t Quite Home-Made


bobross.jpgADOTAS – Aesthetically speaking, you would have thought the site would have crafted its own platform, but I guess we’ll let a merger slide this once. Hand-made arts and crafts mecca Etsy has purchased contextually-driven retail product ad platform Adtuitive.

Adtuitive team of five code monkeys are being brought in to focus on several initiatives for 2010, such as improving the site’s search algorithms and expanding the Showcase advertising system (OK, so maybe they did make their own platform.). Oh yeah, they’re going to try and improve overall user experience while they’re at it.

Etsy is quickly becoming a big deal (though I much prefer Regretsy, which finds the most… interesting items on Etsy) with $100 million in sold goods in 2008 and more than $1 million a month in revenue. In addition, the site has raised more than $32 million in venture capital funding.

“I recently heard Professor Richard Sennett, author of The Craftsman, speak and was pleased to hear him connect traditional crafting cultures to the culture of computer programming,” Etsy CEO Maria Thomas commented on the site’s blog. “Here at Etsy, we think of software coding as a craft and fully embrace one of Sennett’s central ideas: namely that craftsmanship, by combining skill, commitment and judgment, establishes a close relationship between head and hand, man and machine.”

Um… Yeah.


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