CPX Returns to Roots With New Platform


cpx.jpgADOTAS — Sometimes a company has to get back to its roots — CPX Interactive has launched CPX adROIt, its own proprietary ad management platform.

Returning to a proprietary platform is a bit nostalgic — B.U.D.S. was the first ad-serving platform created by CPX Interactive CEO Mike Seiman and CTO Carlton Hickman back in the early 2000s — but more represents the logical next step for the company.

“CPX adROIt will be a one-stop shop for an advertiser to leverage the breadth of online media across the entire globe,” said Seiman. “[W]e have grown beyond what third-party technology can allow us to do.”

The tool will be allow users to execute and manage online media buys of any size and find targeted audiences through real-time data integration. In addition, CPX adROIt can be custom-integrated with both supply- and demand-side platforms.


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