Collecta Opens a Real-Time Search Portal to MySpace


search.jpgADOTAS – Earlier this month MySpace opened the floodgates and let its real-time stream irrigate the fields of developers. In turn, Collecta has a grown platform to sort through the waves of social data.

The new search portal uses Collecta’s site search platform and the MySpace real-time API to index items shared throughout MySpace such as photos, public comments, status updates, links and videos. MySpace users and non-users can perform filtered real-time searches in regards to these items and, as an added bonus, the results include the poster’s “mood” (“Wow, Jenny sure was angry when she posted that Rage Against the Machine video.”).

But this is just the first step for the fledgling search engine, which also aggregates tweets and blogs and news — public user content from MySpace will soon be available in the actual search engine, and users will also be able to share their findings.


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