Audit Says Pulse 360’s Clicks Are Clean


mouseclick1.jpgADOTAS – Progress isn’t always benign — technological advances have brought serious improvements to the online advertising space, but they’ve also helped click fraud rings become more aggressive in bilking media buyers and hurting publishers and consumers. However, one ad network has taken a step to validate its clicks that it hopes will encourage others.

Pulse 360 has passed the audit for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Click Measurement Guidelines, making it the first ad network to make the grade after big boys Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The certification reinforces the notion to marketers that they’re getting the full value of their campaign and that their clicks are true.

“As a marketer in this quickly growing space, you want to focus on execution, not worrying about if half the clicks you’re getting are coming from Eastern Europe,” Jaan Janes, CEO of Pulse 360.

As bigger brands and advertisers are taking a cautious interest in ad networks, brandishing an audit that verifies the purity of a network’s clicks is quite comforting. The agency side in particular is thrilled at the guidelines, the company intoned.

Similar to IAB guidelines for general ad impressions and digital video commercials, the Click Measurement Guidelines give a specific definition for “click,” a standardized method for measuring and counting clicks, and identifies invalid or fraudulent clicks. As a part of the committee that developed the guidelines, Pulse 360 took the initiative and underwent the audit to encourage other networks to adopt the standard.

“At Pulse 360, we’ve always held our network to rigorous standards,” Janes said. “We want to encourage the industry to embrace these guidelines as they will make for a better ecosystem.”



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