Twitter’s domestic golden days are behind it?


twitter_smallADOTAS – Living in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve gotten quite used to hearing things are “over” — in other words, a fad has run its course and is now lame — before they’ve even started. Of course, that most irascible fad Twitter already has people lined up around the corner of Bedford and N. 7th to proclaim that its passe — however, the numbers might be on their side for the U.S.

According to comScore, Twitter’s unique domestic visitors dropped from 20.9 million in September to 19.2 million in October, a dip of 8%, which is the largest drop ever for the site. It’s kind of crazy considering Twitter’s meteoric rise this year from far less than 5 million unique visitors to more than 20 million. However, the number of domestic visitors virtually flatlined over the summer.

Globally Twitter welcomed 58.4 million visitors, a nearly 1000% increase from the year before. Of course, Facebook is nearing 100 million unique domestic visitors a month and more than 145 million globally. Add insult to injury, LinkedIn jumped past Twitter and the 20-million unique visitor mark in October.

There is some argument over the legitimacy of comScore’s numbers and whether they track desktop and mobile clients. Unique visitors may be the wrong metric to examine.

In recognition of the sluggish growth rate, Twitter’s been releasing all kinds of new doodads to regain user interest, including Lists, the Retweet button and geolocation.

But keep a little perspective — 19.2 million unique visitors still represents a 1,271% growth rate from 1.4 million visitors in October 2008. The craze may be over, but my money is that the site has cemented its niche.



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