The direct effect of in-game advertising


gamer11.jpgADOTAS – In-game advertising has been a multimillion dollar industry for several years — brand awareness was evident, but a new partnership between comScore and Massive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, will show advertisers the direct effect of their advertising efforts.

Ad Effx Action Lift for Gaming will combine in-game console ad-serving data from Massive with comScore’s post-campaign panel data to determine if viewers of ads subsequently visited a brands website, searched for a brand through related terms or engaged with the brand in some other online fashion such as social media. The measuring is akin to ad tracking in other digital mediums and ensures consumer anonymity and privacy.

“We know from 80-plus independently verified post-campaign studies that in-game advertising increases brand engagement,” said JJ Richards, general manager of Massive. “But what we didn’t know was the correlation between in-game ads and consumer action. Through this partnership with comScore, we will also now be able to measure those consumer actions that result from in-game ads.”

comScore reported some impressive numbers with its preliminary data, including a 280% increase in visits to a TV channel’s website after users were exposed to an in-game ad. In addition, the company discovered a 125% increase in searches for a movie rental brand and 57% hike in visits to its Web site. There was also a 17% jump in visits to entertainment websites after players saw ads for certain films.



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