Rubicon index bolsters display snapback


line_graph_smallADOTAS – Display is not snapping back from the advertising recession as fast as its cousin search, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on the recovery track. In particular, ad networks and exchanges are picking up steam, with Reuter’s reporting a doubling in transaction value from second quarter to third peaking at $160 million, a 26% jump year over year.

The Rubicon Project’s third-quarter market report reiterates this optimism — display appears to be showing great resilience. Last quarter the company introduced the Rubincon 20 Index, which tracks CPM, revenue and traffic volume across 20 of the most highly trafficked websites — ones that on average see 50 million unique visitors per month between them.

The index rose 8% from the second quarter. In general, the index has been climbing since the beginning of the year with a slide during the beginning of the third quarter. Even more interesting, the index seems to be maintaining its stride into the fourth quarter, which typically kicks off slowly.

Rubicon reports that this hike was thanks to the return of core advertisers such as business and finance companies, telecom and automative brands.

Having been optimistic all year, Rubicon’s confidence has been bolstered by these results. “Based on pricing and spending behavior from customers and partners, as well as our early fourth quarter results, we predict the market will continue to improve through year-end, leading into a still-stronger 2010,” said Craig Roah, COO and founder.


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