Reach out and touch a blog


reach_small.jpgADOTAS – Why would you want to do blog outreach and what are you missing out on? “Social media marketing” is all a buzz, but can it deliver sales ROI?

Yes — here is why and how.

Simply put, blog outreach is connecting to specified audiences through the medium of bloggers and blogs that are specific authorities to particular categories of a large market.

Blog outreach can deliver traffic from search engines in two ways. Google likes blogs because they have up-to-date content so they show up high in the search listings. If you can get a blog which ranks well in search engines to post (write) about your company or product in a positive way using the right words potential customers searching Google will find information about you and buy from you.

In many cases that third-party endorsement they make about you is better than having your own text there. Blogs linking to you will help your website rank higher in Google and help you make more sales on your website.

Blogs about niche subjects are read be people who love that topic and want to learn more about it. Those same people are more likely to talk about it and spread the word — they are the influencers.

You have a friend who is an expert on cars, when you go to buy one you ask them about it and they say, “Yes, I read about one of those.” They are the people who you want to target because they will get your message out.

It is these same sites that more mainstream media will read and use in opinion forming.

Get on the bus now and take advantage of a marketing method your competitors still do not know about — I have friends who are very clever marketing directors who still cannot understand blog outreach.


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