Quick hits: TMSway links social media and mobile couponing


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Behold, the missing link! TMSway has created a tunnel between social media and mobile couponing. At TMSfactory, brands can build a widget to be placed within a social media campaign; a user can “opt in, “enter his or her phone number and receive offers via text messages.

— Does your home office have a DJ booth? Man, if only your company was as cool as Twitter, which cut the ribbon on its new headquarters that also features silhouetted birds dotting the hallways and vaguely cubist and neon green mounted deer heads in the lobby. Of course, these photos come out after reports that Twitter’s domestic draw is slipping — why are images of failed dot-coms selling their foosball tables dancing around my head?

— Has your brand been looking for that certain celebrity who would be the perfect pitchperson but just can’t figure it out? Research agency Millward Brown has introduced an algorithm that measures compatibility between brands and celebrities through rankings of “familiarity,” “affinity” and “buzz” and then gives them a “Cebra” (that’s celebrity plus brand) score. Who knew spokesperson compatibility could be calculated?


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