Oktane takes cue from amateur film parodies


video_small.jpgADOTAS – In some dusty crevice of my parents’ house rests a VHS tape with footage of friends and me re-enacting our favorite scenes from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Fortunately this was shot long before the invention of YouTube, so my pre-adolescent take on King Arthur’s fight with the Black Knight will likely remain buried (at least I pray so much).

Since video cameras become household objects, people have loved making homages/parodies of their favorite films, and the YouTube phenomenon allowed amateur auteurs to share their clips globally, sometimes to utter mortification — perhaps you’ve heard of that “Star Wars” kid? The movie “Be Kind Rewind” even celebrated this DIY filmmaker spirit — because all in all, it’s good fun for the producer and viewer.

Oktane Media has taken this concept a step further with its campaign for Wiggles 3D’s “Pass the Popcorn” board game. The digital media company has filmed in-house more than 50 clips of everyday people acting out infamous lines from famous films. Players can go to GuesstheMovies.com, test their movie knowledge and register to win prizes.

In addition, Oktane has released videos across several social media channels where film fans hang out, encouraging audience engagement. The videos themselves are quick and feature “actors” of all different ages, genders and styles — method acting, the Stanislavski approach… OK, maybe not that professional — that might lose the point.


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