Fwix and the art of monetizing local content


news.jpgADOTAS – As major publications clamor for a paid content model to cover their numerous expenses, consumers increasingly yearn for content targeted at them on a local level. Seeing an opportunity, Fwix has set up shop at the crossroads.

Through a widget, the recently introduced AdWire platform aggregates local content from fair-use sources based on a user’s IP address. Relevant and localized text ads are inserted in the story. When clicked on, a portion of the revenue is donated to the producer of the content — be it a journalist or a blogger.

Fwix CEO Darian Shiraz reported that the company is rapidly signing up publishers of localized content partially to help local journalists and bloggers. “Local news is on the decline in several ways,” he said. “Most important, newspapers can’t monetize content.”

Paid content models are not a viable solution — especially for local publications. “If the national media was to start charging for content, it would be big deal,” Shiraz said. “I imagine people would stop reading and find other sources. On a local basis in particular, the threshold for paying for content is much higher.”

AdWire’s proposition instead would seem to allow everyone a slice of the pie.