Forget scissors: Holiday tips for mobile couponing


scissors_small.jpgADOTAS – New research from Harris Interactive shows that coupons will dictate shopping habits for one-third of consumers during the 2009 holiday season. In an American economy that remains shaky and consumer feelings about spending weighing them down, coupons are going to play a crucial role in helping retailers to keep afloat in what has already been predicted as a “flat” sales year by Nielsen.

According to the same Nielsen report, 42% of U.S. consumers expect to spend less this holiday season. According to Harris Interactive’s recent study, consumers are increasingly defining their spending habits by whether or not retailers offer coupons. Thirty percent of online adults will not make a purchase at an online store if they can’t find a coupon and 22% of online adults will go to a different store to make that purchase.

U.S. consumers require personal attention and the mobile device has transformed the way they seek information, compare prices and transact purchases. Successful advertisers this Holiday Season will deliver the right message to the right person at the right time — with a discount! And it will all be achieved through the convenience of their cell phones.

Eighty-three percent of shoppers are going to turn to the online space to find “good deals” this year. Targeting mobile advertising coupled with mobile couponing will bring the deals to them in the format they want, no clipping required.

How to do it:

  1. Start early with holiday promotions and Mobile couponing and keep the specials running up to the last minute — this will make it easy for consumers to purchase during Black Friday or any other shopping day.
  2. Make your mobile coupons easy to use. This means make them transferable to use on or offline. A targeted ad with a mobile coupon with it is a click away from a discounted purchase, but if the buyer would rather physically go into the store to buy. They should be able to use the coupon on their phone in the store either by giving the code to the vendor or with a vendor scan of the mobile coupon. In other words, printing and clipping are things of the past!
  3. Advertise with networks that offer the numerous targeting options to achieve your performance goals. All targeting is not created equal.
    Test search, behavioral, and contextual to compare results. Ask for specifics on where the targeting data comes from. Is it inferred from the publisher or is it passed from the carrier? Carrier inventory combined with other sources is your best option. This will ensure you target the right messages to the right consumers. excite the younger generation to “want” (add to wish lists), remind the mature generations to “buy.”
  4. Target smartphones, premium inventory and carrier portals. They are proven to elicit higher returns. iPhone users in particular are highly engaged, heavy consumers of mobile applications and represent a high net worth demographic.
  5. Measure, measure, measure. Closely monitor your costs per click, not all networks price the same and some PC networks charge Internet pricing for mobile buys. The cheapest click may not your best clicks. Quality not quantity counts. Not all clicks are created equal and evaluating what a user does post click is critical for success. Keep in mind latency. One quarter to one fourth of all transactions are delayed and cannot be tracked on mobile. Track not just the clicks and conversions, but the lifetime value of a customer.

Follow these top five tips to maximize your spending this holiday season. Mobile advertising success will find you new consumers for this holiday season and beyond.


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