Brands are absentee landlords on Twitter


twitter_smallADOTAS – Sure, brands were all excited when they first got on Twitter, but brand accounts are looking more and more like forgotten toys gathering dust in the corner.

A study by Weber Shandwick found that while 73% of Fortune 100 manage a total of 540 Twitter accounts, 76% “tweet infrequently” while 52% were “not actively engaged.”

Only 32% of brand Twitter accounts met Weber’s standards for displaying “personality,” including names and photos of tweeters as well as distinguishing backgrounds. Fifteen percent of the accounts studied were actually inactive, while another 11% were simply placeholders to save a certain account name.

Another handful of branded Twitter accounts (5%) were abandoned after being used to market a particular event. Is this a sign that the novelty of tweeting for businesses is wearing off or our brands still confused how to use Twitter in their marketing?


  1. Producing streans of engaging content is a huge challenge, just ask the tv networks. There is nothing wrong with breaths of silence in an overstimulated world, especially when your business doesn’t revolve around content production and distribution.

  2. I definitely think that this is a sign of businesses not knowing how to Tweet effectively and how to integrate it with their other social media and marketing efforts. To use Twitter strictly as a marketing device doesn’t cut it. Corporations need to see it as a relationship device. Also, the ever-looming “what’s the ROI” question discourages many corp. Twitter owners from aggressively using the tool. It’s the classic question of “is this worth our time.” My response is, “Are customer conversations and education worth your time?” The ROI is often relationship building (which does need to be tracked) versus $$.


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