Adify finds food is on clickers’ minds


adify1.jpgADOTAS – Users must be starving — the food vertical on Adify’s Network Builder Platform, one of 13 measured, nearly doubled between the second and third quarters.

Food CPMs were up 91%, from a median CPM of $3.63 in the second quarter to $6.94 in the third. This accelerated the vertical’s meteoric rise from a median of $1.50 in the first quarter.

Real estate CPMs jumped to a median $7.62 in the third quarter, which wasn’t as impressive as the leap from $2.38 in the first quarter to $6.49 in the second, but still denotes a recovering sector. Entertainment recorded an 8% increase in CPMs, its fourth consecutive quarter of growth.

On the other side, the automotive vertical witnessed a contraction similar to what’s happened in the auto market since “Cash for Clunkers” ended. Median CPM has slipped from $17.26 in the first quarter to $12.47 in the third.


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