Van Natta plotting a MySpace comeback


myspace_small.jpgADOTAS – The headlines have screamed “MySpace concedes defeat to Facebook” or something along those lines, but newish CEO Owen Van Natta — a former Facebook exec who has held the reigns at MySpace for five months now — has been on a press binge trying to spin a different tale.

Sure Facebook registered over 30 million more users than MySpace in September, but Van Natta doesn’t consider the sites competitors anymore.

To prove that, MySpace is undertaking a dramatic redesign in an attempt to switch the focus off user-generated content and turn site into an entertainment forum. Noting that messaging between people ain’t monetizable, Van Natta aims to transform the site into a place where users can discuss film, TV and music with friends and strangers.

Channels such as jobs and classifieds are being axed while professionally produced content is highlighted — for example, last week Van Natta announced partnerships with major music labels to establish a music video channel on the site. Central to this strategy is luring advertisers to highly engaged users. All in all, it would clearly define MySpace not as a Facebook rival but a completely different kind of social media.

But first and foremost, Van Natta acknowledges that MySpace needs a thorough spring cleaning.

“We’ve been way too spread out.” Van Natta told Mediaweek. “We’ve been a mile wide and an inch deep… and the product wasn’t always great.” True that.


  1. Thank god Myspace is way better then facebook people jump on facebook cause its the newest thing out but it will die also myspace 4 life


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