Twitter talking data mining with Google and Microsoft


twitter_smallADOTAS – Just last week Twitter Chief Executive and Cofounder Evan Williams was saying revenue ain’t a thang and the company didn’t need no stinkin’ revenue model — however, according to All Things Digital, the supplier of tweets is far along in talks with Google and Microsoft (separately of course — can you imagine the dogfight that would erupt in a boardroom with both parties?) about data-mining deals.

The billion-dollar online toy could make a buck? Excuse me while I rehinge my jaw.

The plan is for the companies to license a full feed from Twitter — information from 54 million monthly tweeters — that would be integrated into their respective search engine results. Compensation for the nonexclusive deals is up for discussion — various proposals have been made regarding revenue sharing.

The sources for this news are anonymous, but Microsoft already tried a similar process this past summer with Bing and hyperactive tweeters.


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