Quick hits: Publishers cold to Google’s behavioral targeting?


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Are publishers not taking to Google AdSense’s behavioral targeting launched back in March? On his PrivacyChoice blog, Jim Brock divides the number of links to Google’s privacy policy (227,000), a requirement for the behavioral targeting program, by 1 million — the number of AdSense publishers disclosed in the company’s third-quarter earnings — to find that only about a quarter of publishers are using “interest-based” advertising. Brock is the chairman of Attributor and a former senior vice president of Yahoo!.

— Hey big shot — think you know what appeals most to viewers of banner ads? Come put your skills to the test with Omniture’s “Pick the Winner” game. With the clock ticking, players have to choose which ads were the the winners of real-life testing situations. The online arcade-style game is a promotion for Omniture’s new workbook “Knowing How and What to Test.”

— Lexus wants you to enjoy the Internet during your time in sky, but buy its new car when you’re back on the ground. During the first two week of November, Lexus is providing free wifi access on American Airlines flights to promote its newest automobile. In addition, banner ads for the car company will appear on the portal pages of in-flight wireless provider Gogo.


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