Quick hits: Pay for content? Never!


punch_small.jpg ADOTAS – Bad news for print publishers crossing their fingers that pay plans for online content will save the industry — only 16.5% of respondents to a survey by Ipsos Mendelsohn and PHD said they might shell out to read a paper or magazine on the Internet. More than half (55.5%), on the other hand, said no way, Jose — free or forget it.

— The plague of click fraud seems to be rescinding according to Anchor Intelligence’s “Traffic Quality Report” for third-quarter 2009. The rate of fraud among its customers fell to 18.6% from 22.9% during the previous quarter. Anchor Intelligence cited increased vigilance and enforcement of traffic quality standards as well as decreased fraud attempts in general.

— Let’s all jump into a chorus of the birthday song — back in 1994, HotWired.com gave birth to the banner ad. The newborn came in at 468 by 60 pixels and was picked up by Volvo, AT&T and… Zima. Wow, a lot has changed in 15 years — does the banner have 15 more in it?


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