Google Analytics gets intelligent


google_small.jpgADOTAS – It may sound like science fiction, but Google Analytics has added artificial intelligence to its reporting features as one of seven additions announced yesterday.

According to the Google Analytics blog, the algorithmic-driven Analytics Intelligence is still in its preliminary phase, but it’s designed to take some of the hassle out of scanning reports for that one morsel of actionable data. The intelligence engine will automatically alert you to significant changes in metric and dimension patterns over daily, weekly and monthly time periods. For example, Analytics Intelligence will alert users to volume spikes and fluctuations in bounce rates.

Other new features include customization of parameters for time on site and pages per visit. Users will now be able to 20 goals per profile. Advanced table filtering is another new tool for more sophisticated data analysis, while unique visitors has also been added as a metric.Another exciting inclusion is expanded mobile reporting — Analytics users will be now be able to track traffic to mobile websites. Also iPhone and Android mobile application developers are able to monitor application engagement similar to website engagement.

Several videos demonstrating the new services are available on the Google Analytics blog. In addition, Google also launched the Website Optimizer Experiment Management API, which allows for the creation and management of experiments outside of the Website Optimizer interface. In other words, users can test out optimization without disrupting a website’s precious code.


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