Financial Times takes luxury digital


ft_smallADOTAS – For 15 years the Financial Times’ glossy insert How to Spend It has brought living large — yachts, mansions and sports cars — to print subscribers. On Friday How to Spend It became “a website of worldly pleasures” open to anyone browsing the Internet.

Presentation is perhaps the most important feature of a luxury publication and it’s unknown whether this will translate onto a computer screen. The digital edition is suitably splashy — Flash video and photo galleries are juxtaposed with columns on fine dining and high fashion as well as spotlights on the swankest bags and the flashiest jewelry.

In turn, the site promises to be an attractive space for makers of high-priced goods to advertise their wares — the website launch was sponsored by Rolex, Krug and Harry Winston. A variety of display options have been made available to accommodate these advertisers.

Although global economies are still struggling, the market for luxury goods seems to be stable and publications are chasing the producers for ad revenue. Financial Times’ Chief Executive John Ridding told The Guardian he expects higher advertising revenue from this sector this year in both print and online capacities.


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