Digg aims for real time with WeFollow acquisition


digg_small.jpgADOTAS – Trying to squeeze a bit closer to Twitter — and real-time coverage — one of Kevin Rose’s “side projects,” WeFollow, has been rolled into Digg, Rose’s main baby, at no cost to the latter.

WeFollow, which launched in March, is pretty much a directory or yellow pages for Twitter. Users insert their handles into the categories most appropriate; users are then ranked by category by their number of followers. With no real advertising, the site has attracted 654,000 Twitter users to label themselves.

With the acquisition, WeFollow is planning to change its algorithm to give more weight in rankings to users who accurately categorize themselves — and who have followers that tag themselves precisely as well.

Rose told TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington back in May that Digg was being re-visioned and he aimed to make the site “a little bit more real-time in nature,” which Arrington chalked up as a case of “Twitter envy.” With WeFollow’s data pool, Digg will be able to discern who the most popular tweeters are in various categories and the allow the site rank top stories based on the chatter on Twitter — which is as close to real time as one get these days.

This could be appealing quite for advertisers, who already have warmly received Digg’s unique ad platform launched in June. With no ads (yet) on Twitter, going with Digg could be the next best thing.


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