Cyber security: Marketer as advocate


security_small.jpgThis is the first of a four-part series dedicated to Cyber Security Awareness month.

ADOTAS – You may already know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, organized by, and that the focus of this awareness program is to educate and protect consumers. What you may not be aware of is that the spirit of this awareness month affects you at your job as much as it affects you as a consumer shopping online.

In a time of data breaches, data misuse, cyber crime and diminishing consumer trust, individuals and organizations are saying “no more.” No more disregard of potential security exploits, no more software and applications that fail to protect personal information and no more excuses.

At the core of this “no more excuses” movement is a group of businesses that recognize the link between protecting consumers and protecting their bottom line. And inside these businesses are marketers that realize their roles have evolved to include the responsibilities of security and privacy advocates.

How can you participate? There are numerous ways to get involved. If your business involves consumers, consider educating them. For example, if your customer service team responds to inquiries via email, ask customer service to edit their email signatures to include a link to the safety tips that promotes., Adperio’s loyalty program, chose to focus on the importance of keeping web browsers up to date and created a Consumer Protection Information page to which a section of the privacy statement links.

These low-cost ideas won’t distract consumers from a purchase or other revenue-generating action.

Bottom line: You don’t have to forgo revenue to build trust.


  1. As we are seeing with the Obama administration’s focus on protecting the consumer, the advertisers, publishers, and networks that are using underhanded behavior are going to eventually get caught. The performance marketing industry players that are leading the charge toward advertiser transparency, compliancy, etc will be the ones that emerge from this scrutiny in a position to grab market share.

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