Yahoo’s new slogan: it’s not you, it’s us


yahoo_small.jpgADOTAS — Yahoo is expected to officially unveil its $100 million marketing scheme to remind people it’s still relevant.

The Internet company’s new tagline, according to the Wall Street Journal is “It’s You!” The global campaign is focused on personalization and how Yahoo can help people navigate all their services and information online. The company is also expected to unveil new tools to help users customize Yahoo products like, which it has recently updated to support links to other third-party software like Facebook.

The goal, says Kara Swisher will be to stress Yahoo’s consumer business over all others, which are supported mostly via brand advertising, leaving more extraneous ones out in the cold.

I’m not too swayed by the campaign. I continually use Google more and more for its services, free or paid, and I don’t see myself switching to anything else. Having said that Microsoft is spending $100 million on its Bing marketing and seems to be having some success.



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