Whither AOL layoffs?


aol_small.jpgADOTAS — As Liberty Media kicks the tires of AOL assets, AOL boss Tim Armstrong continues his restructuring.

COO Kim Partoll is out, as is John Kannapell, SVP of search and local media, according to AllThingsD. Kara Swisher says that Kannapell’s departure wasn’t a surprise, but Partoll was because she was promoted to her new/old position recently.

As for Liberty Media Corp., the cable company controlled by billionaire John Malone, it is still interested in the dial-up Internet business owned by Time Warner’s AOL. This is in line with past comments from officials of the company, which has about $800 million in Time Warner, saying they would consider trading it for AOL or other assets. Time Warner has said it plans to spin AOL off as a publicly traded company.

Any long-speculated AOL layoffs, which even Armstrong acknowledged would eventually happen, still awaits. The two departing executives will not be replaced and you wonder if this is the beginning.


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