What women want from social networks


phone11.jpgADOTAS — Unsurprisingly, females are using sites like Facebook and Linkedin to connect with colleagues and friends and check out products, but they also worry about privacy protections.

According to “The Power of Social Networking For Women Research Study” from female-oriented social networking site ShesConnected, substantial majorities use social networks to research products and services (79%) and finding deals and discounts (64%). While users understand the need for revenues, networking, self-promotion, keeping in touch and privacy remain their top priority.


But 93% of respondents said control over privacy settings was “very important,” and another 6% rated it “somewhat important.” The ability to block specific users from contacting them, presumably also for privacy reasons, mattered to 96% of users. More than four in 10 respondents said they would not be comfortable with the prospect of the sites selling data to advertisers and nearly as many—36%—said they would refuse to use a site that sold their data.


“Advertisers should strive for engaging and useful communications on the site so that it is viewed as an enhancement to the community rather than a painful requirement,” noted the ShesConnected report.


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