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ADOTAS — A new study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and sponsored by ARAnet has shown that once again, the use of newspaper and television news sources has dropped off. Americans are flocking to online and radio news sources in record numbers. According to the study, television usage has dropped off 3.6%, while newspaper usage has dropped off 4.1%. Online use has gone up by 1.9%, and radio use has increased 2.9%.

The nationwide study surveyed 1,000 adults and measured the percentage of news and information Americans received from various media sources each month. Results showed consumers get 31% of overall news and information from television, while 19.4% is obtained from both radio and daily newspapers. The use of online sources for news and other information has particularly increased among the college educated, Hispanics and people making more than $100,000 a year compared to other demographics in the general population.

Dave Fleet, marketing, social media and public relations blogger commented, “The survey results – especially that high earners and college graduates are continuing to move toward online sources of news and information and that the credibility of those sources is on the rise – reinforce that Americans are continuing to change the way they consume media. While traditional media isn’t going away any time soon, this does change how we as marketers reach these sought-after consumers.”



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