Microsoft locks in on moving targets


microsoft_small.jpgADOTAS — On the heels of Yahoo!’s extension of Smart Ads in May, Microsoft announced that its behavioral targeting options for online advertisers are now available for mobile advertisers.

According to Jamie Wells, director of global trade marketing for Microsoft Mobile Advertising, the goal of the program is to decrease advertising waste in mobile advertising campaigns and increase their overall effect. The company offers more than 100 behavioral segments including health, entertainment and technology.

Microsoft rounds up behavioral data from a medley of sources including keyword searches from search engine Bing, website visits across the Microsoft network, profile data from Windows live and network data such as Hotmail newsletters and Xbox subscription information.

Wells claims in his blog that Microsoft values customer privacy and its targeting program will disregard all personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. In July, Yahoo! allowed mobile users to opt out of behavioral targeting.


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