Lowering cost-per-lead expenses


ppc_small.jpgADOTAS — Connecting pay-per-clicks ads to customized, relevant landing pages is a search marketing best practice, but, according to Marketing Sherpa, creating hundreds of unique pages can be a challenge for many marketing teams.

The company laid out a long example of how a marketer, Jennifer Brady, Director Marketing, UMassOnline, improved lead volume 88% and cut costs by creating a template to quickly generate custom landing pages for her PPC ads.

Here are four steps the team followed to build and test new landing pages:

Step #1. Review landing page best practices

o Clear headline
o Compelling copy
o Careful use of search keywords
o Minimal navigation
o Minimum number of fields on the form
o Urgent call to action on button
o Image use

Step #2. Build a template/page generator

o Headline — Program title
o Body copy — Program description and highlights
o Header image
o Header message

Step #3: Optimize a single page

o Headline that included the visitor’s search keyword
o Headline that mentioned UMassOnline
o A differentiating statement such as “‘it’s online'” or “‘it’s the only program of its kind'”
o Image of a professional-aged person

Step #4. Apply lessons to other pages


– Lead volume per month increased 88.4%, when comparing March 2008 to July 2009, after they completed landing page design and testing.
– Cost-per-lead stood at a much more manageable average of $26 dollars in July:
 – The team’s tests on a single landing page increased conversions 107% — from 9.52% to 19.7%.


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