HTML vs Text email, which wins in a short cycle: both

Inplace #2

googlemail.jpgADOTAS — You have a short window and need to goose the sales, so what would you do?

According to Marketing Sherpa, if you’re planning autumn events or need ideas for quick, year-end promotions, a lesson to look at would be how the Durham Bulls used text email first (to attract BlackBerry and mobile users) and then HTML to get a 262.3% lift over their average email campaign. Plus, how they landed a corporate sponsor in less than 48 hours.

The results from: Email #1. Text-only email to mobile users;Email #2. HTML reminder on the day of event; and Email #3. Corporate pitch with special offer

Two emails sold 262.3% more single-game tickets than their average 2007 email campaign. Even better, 56.9% of consumers who visited the landing page bought a ticket. According to Marketing Sherpa, it’s not shocking to see that 88.5% of the ticket sales came from the first text-only message since most consumers would buy the first time they saw the email or not at all. The HTML follow-up email on the day of the game managed to sell 11.5% of the tickets. The email to potential corporate sponsors garnered three serious inquiries, and a deal was signed less than 48 hours later after the email was sent.