Cost-per-lead advertising gaining


ppc_small.jpgADOTAS — Pay-for-performance ad pricing models are catching on among marketers dealing with issues of measurability and audience engagement.

eMarketer noted that impression-based media buys are giving way, in some cases, to cost-per-lead advertising. According to the “Cost-per-Lead Advertising Data Report” from Pontiflex, marketers in North America were most likely to engage those leads via brand or community sites (51%). E-newsletters (31%) and free trial offers (9%) were also popular engagement vehicles.


“As is true for landing pages deployed in banner and search campaigns, collecting more information increases drop-off and reduces lead volume,” according to the report. For that reason, cost-per-lead advertising best practices recommend “capturing basic information during the first contact with the end consumer, and capturing additional information over time as the brand builds a relationship with the consumer.”



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