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consumers_small.jpgADOTAS — Once upon a time we lived in a world of “Broad-cast”. But those days are over. The world of “Broad-cast” was followed by “Narrow-cast” with the introduction of direct marketing and interactive. Nice, but again, it’s not nearly as effective as it once was.

The new mantra for today is the world of “Me-Cast”

Who needs to spend $350,000+ on a slick commercial these days? In the world of Me-Cast, if you give consumers the content they want, the platforms to create their own content and the tools to share it with their networks, you’ll get more visibility for your brand than through traditional methods and at a fraction of the cost.

So, what should marketers do as the world of Me-Cast takes over?

Marketers need to move away from the art of persuasion. Instead of focusing on ways to convince people to listen to a branded message or barraging them with messages to buy a product, marketers need to start first by listening to their consumers. It’s only by listening to that brands will win in this new world.

And when you understand what is missing and give consumers what they actually want – such as valuable information, things that entertain and put them first instead of your product message, they ultimately will be more than willing to listen to your branded message. So the consumer and the marketer both get what they want.

The content consumers want needs to be placed where they are

Websites are no longer The Destination. Content needs to be portable. Just look at the statistics, direct mail and banner responses are down 90%. While according to (source), time is spent online gaming, Facebook and watching video is an all time high. Twitter is seeing growth at 1382% on an annual basis. And Facebook has seen a growth of 14.35%
just since March.

Top ten social networking and blog sites ranked by total minutes for April 2009 and their year-after-year percent growth. (US, home and work)


From April 2008 to April 2009, total minutes spent on Facebook increased from 1.7 billion minutes to 13.9 billion minutes – an annual growth rate of 700 percent. MySpace comes in second with 5 billion minutes in April 2009, roughly 2 billion minutes shy of time spent in April 2008. Blogger, Tagged, and Twitter follow next. (Twitter showed the largest percentage gain overall, up over 3700% since last year.)

One way to think about online video is to consider how big a chunk it takes out of our daily lives. The amount of time U.S. Internet users spend watching video is up an impressive 40 percent year over year. Watchers tuned in for 273.1 minutes of online video in the month of November 2008, up from 195 minutes in November 2007, according to comScore.


That’s not the only measure that went up. The number of videos viewed increased 34 percent, to 12.7 billion videos, up from 9.5 billion last November. In the world of Me-Cast, marketers will need to embrace evolved strategies and a very different approach to creative. Placing a 60 second TV spot on YouTube is not the answer. It’s all about integrating the branded message in clever ways that make it part of the content. And it’s about interaction.

For example, one of our recent efforts involved a relatively well-know interactive star with a built in following for the contraptions he builds. This video featured a contraption built for our client’s product. After watching the video, viewers are asked to vote on what they think the next contraption should be that he builds. Integration + interaction = 3x the projected engagements. And we’re only one month into the initiative. And the gravy is the anticipation and instant audience for the follow up video.

Not to mention, that media is also a different ballgame — because when you have really entertaining content all of a sudden you have publishers clamoring for it and often placing your content for little to no cost.



  1. Your advice is well taken, but there is a balance that needs to be struck. You can CRM yourself right out of business. Consumers still need the visibility of their favorite brands “broadcast” for them and the world to see and to feel good about it. Don’t under estimate the power of Branding to the masses.


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