Silicon Valley looking on the bright side of economy meltdown


adotas_small_011.jpgADOTAS — Either they see something most don’t or they’ve been around circuits too long.

According the Wall Street Journal, 80 percent of tech companies said that business conditions will be better a year from now. According to a survey of senior executives at 130 tech companies by consulting firm KPMG, 78 percent of these executives said that they expected revenue to rise next year, and 72 percent expected increased profits

Sixty-six percent of the tech executives thought that the tech industry would recover faster than the economy as a whole. At companies based in Silicon Valley, 77 percent of executives said that the tech industry would recover faster.

Gary Matuszak, chair of the information, communication and entertainment practice at KPMG, said the optimisim might be warranted: “Many tech companies make components that will need to be ordered ahead of time if finished products are going to be available when businesses start buying tech again. And some tech companies that have traditionally sold to businesses are coming out with products targeted at consumers, which could help boost their sales.”

Here’s the Monty Python skit about looking on the bright side of life or death. If you can’t sing along, whistle.


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