Online advertising: Bigger isn’t better – yet


manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Ads that are integrated into the content of the page, such as half banners and rectangles, are the most effective in driving online ad awareness and purchase intent, according to data released by Dynamic Logic.

Half banners (234 x 60) and rectangles (180 x 150) were more effective than ads that frame the page such as leaderboards and skyscrapers. The research, based on 2,390 online display campaigns that took place over the past three years, is from Dynamic Logic’s normative database.


“We continue to believe that creative quality is the most important factor driving the success of online advertising,” Ken Mallon, Dynamic Logic’s SVP of Custom Solutions, said in a statement. “However, it will be interesting to see how the new, larger ad formats that publishers are beginning to debut will rank next to the more traditional online ad formats. Based on the current data, bigger doesn’t always mean better, but these new ad formats are quite unique and we look forward to testing them.”

The research also revealed that ad campaigns using Rich Media with Video created the strongest brand impact (across most branding goals, including aided brand awareness, online ad awareness, brand favorability, and purchase intent) compared to campaigns using Simple Flash and Rich Media without Video formats. The worst performer was Simple Flash, the format used most often by agencies and advertisers.


Some guidelines for advertisers and agencies:

– Establish branding goals and base format preferences on these goals early in the campaign planning process
– Try delivering a Rich Media with Video ad as the first ad exposure to your addressable online audience.
– When on a tight budget, switch to less expensive formats and consider frequency capping to extend reach.
– Don’t let arbitrary ad serving budgets prevent you from running the most effective ad formats. Factor media fees and rich media fees in together and optimize from there.
– For message association goals, consider adding the message to every frame of the ad for best results.
– Think twice before making Simple Flash ads the centerpiece of a campaign. For every branding goal we studied, a different rich media format was better than Simple Flash at getting results.


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