‘Dwelling’ online advertising metrics


elected.jpgADOTAS — Companies continue to create new metrics for an evolving online advertising world.

Eyeblaster has the dwell rate. According to eMarketer, “dwelling” on an ad is spending time with it, including mouse-overs, user-initiated video duration, user-initiated expansion duration and other user-initiated custom interaction durations. Eyeblaster, in its “Trends of Time and Attention in Online Advertising” report, notes that the difference between clicks and general interaction was huge in 2008. For example, the average worldwide click-through rate for rich media ads studied was 0.35%. The average dwell rate for those ads was a much more impressive 8.71%.


Internet users in North America spent the longest time dwelling on online ads appearing in the mail category, at nearly 85 seconds. Instant messaging ads were a close second, at nearly 74 seconds, with news, technology and games rounding out the top five.



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