AOL cornering content


aol_small.jpgADOTAS — The tumult in journalism is helping AOL speed up its content strategy.

CEO Tim Armstrong’s new direction for the faltering and every-changing company is to corner the market on original digital content, and it seems to be working. According to the Times, of the more than 80 Web sites, ten are ranked in Technorati’s top 100, and Politics Daily, which began in April, already has 3.6 million unique users a month. In the aggregate, the media properties at AOL have about 76 million unique visitors. The amount of good talent out there has helped AOL as well.

“I’m not going to deny that the availability of talent has accelerated many of our efforts,” Martin Moe, who is in charge of the news sites at AOL, including Politics Daily and DailyFinance, told the New York Times. “Suddenly, in the last 18 months, this huge pool of talent has become available.”

It’s unclear if good content alone is going to help revive AOL and bring in advertising. I’ve become a firm believer that it’s good content and an engaged audience that will win the day.


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