What will happen to Bebo?


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — What’s social network Bebo worth?

Certainly not the $850 million it was bought for. Speculating grew early this year that AOL and its parent company Time Warner might be considering selling it. A proposal the company denied at the time. Estimates for the property were pegged at a dimishing $200 million.

But, according to Reuters, CEO Tim Armstrong says that AOL, which is in the process of being spun off from Time Warner, is reviewing assets it could sell or divest, but will likely keep its social networking site. Armstrong said that Bebo still has “great value” and that it will be moved to a Ventures unit of the online company so that work can be done to improve the site.

The move has raised speculation that AOL may want to sell Bebo, which has lagged in popularity behind other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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