Wall Street Journal asks iPhone users, Want to pay for that app?


nytimes.jpgADOTAS — A quick news glance around the webosphere.

Newspaper publisher Gannett will cut between 1,000 and 2,000 jobs out of its 41,500-person work force in response to continuing revenue declines. (WSJ)

Penny Baldwin, a former top exec at Young & Rubicam, has become Yahoo’s SVP of global integrated marketing and brand management. (AllthingsD) You would think that marketing is Yahoo’s major problem.

What to do if you forgot to register your Facebook trademark URL. (AdAge) First, fire the person who controls your social media strategy. (kidding)

Wall Street Journal asks iPhone users if they would pay for a subscription app. I’ll go out on a limb and say most said, No, we want it all for free like we have now. (paidcontent)

Twitter adds following and follower improvements. But I’m still waiting for a button that adds a link to an original tweet when you retweet. (Twitter Blog)

Meebo is creating an ad network that ‘fills the moments of boredome’ you have when IMing. It says its seeing a clickthrough rate of 1 percent on ads. I would not be that 1 percent. (Techcrunch)

Was it a Twitter Revolution or an Iranian Revolution? (WSJ)


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