Social media’s overrated brand game

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Jul 7, 2009 
Edward Barrera  |

marketing3_small.jpgADOTAS — You wonder if some of the people responding lied on some of the answers, but a Workplace Media study says that social networks are still not the best place to goose up brand perception.

In a May poll, based on 753 responses from office Internet users, 55 percent of workers have a social network, but 57 percent of those people don’t access their social networks at work. (Riiigggght). Of the 43 percent of workers who access their social networking site at work, 78 percent spend less than 30 minutes a day at work on these sites, according to the study.

Tougher for those in the social media marketing business, of office workers who use social networking sites, 89 percent said they do not follow a branded account, and 96 percent say that their opinion of a product or brand does not change if it does not have a presence on these sites.

Believably, 75 percent said they have never recommended a business or product to friends via a social networking site. Of course, they might just read about it on the social network and tell their friends in person. So if brands still want to stay involved with the 55 percent of office Internet users who maintain at least one social networking account,  89 percent said they have a Facebook account.

Edward is the former editor of Adotas.

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