Search marketers will rule online advertising


search2_small.jpgADOTAS — Internet advertising has been shifting toward performance marketing throughout this recession, and it’s unlikely to stop when things get better.  

Zenith Optimedia predicts search advertising to grow 20.0 percent in 2009, while traditional display grows 3.0 percent and classified grows just 1.8 percent. So wherever there is a click-mania, there will be search marketers and Pay-per-click ad buyers. Marketing Sherpa below shows how publishers and sites such as Facebook, offering advertisers display ads on a CPM basis or bids for PPC placement, are fueling that shift.



  1. In these adverse economic times keen Marketers are realizing that the Internet is the only place to get a clear / transparent Return on Investment. Search Engine Optimization is the best investment any business can make at this point. Consumers demand the robust tools and content only the Internet can provide for buying goods & services. It is safe to say that PPC is a tricky game because of click fraud and higher bid rates on keywords. I believe SEO will prevail over PPC as a marketing vehicle.
    Jeffrey DeArmond
    SEM Expert

  2. I agree SEO is invaluable. Over time it’s value may weaken as search engines crack down on it more vigorously and as consumers become more suspicious. however, for great companies it will still be useful – these companies may appear on the second or third page w/o SEO, but with it they will appear first and because they are reasonably results consumers and engine won’t mind.

    For companies not ideally suited for SEO it will be important to shift away from pure PPC models and toward paying for leads or actions or some combo of the two.


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